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Viby Basket
About us

Viby Basket in Sollentuna is based on a local involvement of parents of children playing in the association. We want to create an association that welcomes everyone in the baskeball family. The goal is to create a strong community where sporting practice takes place with spontaneous and shared joy. Our goals and visions focus on developing happy, courageous and empathetic children who have great confidence in themselves and the group. For this we believe in and need a strong commitment from parents and relatives. In November 2007, the club was started by Fredrik Hahne together with dedicated parents from two girls teams (F99 and F01) and a boy team (P01). From the beginning, the catchment area was Viby and Norrviken, soon it became northern Sollentuna and then the whole Sollentuna. Nowadays we also have players from other municipalities and some 30 club teams of all ages, Ministars, senior teams and a parents team- all thanks to the commitment of everyone volunteered!


To join Viby Basket

Everyone is welcome to play and the most important thing is to have fun, right? Under the tab "Våra lag" you can see which groups we have. There you can also find the team schedules under "Träningstider".


Under the tab “Börja spela basket” you can fill out a registration form. Fill in all the contact details in the form and we will ensure that you/your parents receive all the information needed. By submitting the form, you agree that we use the information in our member register according to GDPR.


We try to make our club grow with more groups and more children, but we build on parenting engagement and to start more groups we need to have more parents who get involved. Please write in the comment field what you as a parent can help with - no one can do everything, but everyone can do something!


If you need any additional information in English please contact us on

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